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When you regarded me
Your eyes imprinted your grace in me,
In this, you loved me again,
And thus my eyes merited
To also love what you see in me….
Let us go forth together to see ourselves in Your beauty.

St. John of the Cross, Spiritual Canticle, pp. 32, 33

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Mantras are sometimes referred to as sacred utterances repeated frequently. This form of self talk is often a powerful influence in our thinking and being that nurtures our body, mind and spirit.

I often searching for new mantras at certain times in my life. Here are some mantras from Ruth Wilson:

Focus on beauty rather than profit.
Be serious about not taking things too serious.
Travel light; leave all the junk behind.
Cut the ropes that tie you down.
Hang out a welcome sign for new realities.

Here are some mantras I frequently use:

Speak the Gospel and sometimes use words (St Francis of Assisi).
Choose joy.
Connect the human story to the divine story.
What is God enabling and requiring me to do?
Imagine the possibilities.

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Ripening – Richard Rohr

Ripening, at its best, is a slow, patient learning, and sometimes even a happy letting-go—a seeming emptying out to create readiness for a new kind of fullness—which we are never totally sure about. If we do not allow our own ripening, and I do believe it is somewhat a natural process, an ever-increasing resistance and denial sets in, an ever-increasing circling of the wagons around an over-defended self. At our very best, we learn how to hope as we ripen, to move outside and beyond self-created circles, which is something quite different from the hope of the young. Youthful hopes have concrete goals, whereas the hope of later years is usually aimless hope, hope without goals, even naked hope—perhaps real hope.


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