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Wonderful insights from Joan Chrittister… 

Life is not simply a checklist or series of events…

It’s a deepening of insights…

From one stage to the next…

layers and levels each deeper than the one before 

one continuous movement…

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The best ripening happens over time – this is a wonderful poem that speaks to ripe and unripe fruit:

In the season of sweet melon and cantaloupe,

The grapes cannot know their own luscious ripeness,

The heavy readiness to let go of the vine.

The green wheat, just beginning to sprout.

Like some poor child, all vanity and ego,

Thinks it wants to be young forever.

When pistachios crackle open

By moonlight, they are joyfully sighing,

Why did we not know?

From “The Ripe and Unripe Fruit”


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