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Your breathing can tell you a lot about how you’re doing emotionally.

When you’re angry, for example, your breath tends to become shorter, shallower, and sharper.

Changing the way you breath in that moment can have an immediate impact, helping to settle an agitated mind.

Sit up tall and place one hand over your heart and the other on your navel.

Gently deepen your breathing allowing your hands to move away from each other slightly as you inhale and a little closer as you exhale.

Now count silently to four for the length of the inhale. See if you can exhale to the same count.

Be patient. It can be challenging to lengthen your exhale.

After a few repetitions, you’ll probably find it easier.

Continue for 10 breaths – four counts in, four counts out.

Then pause, relax your hands in your lap, and breathe naturally.

How do you feel?

Just a few moment of shifting your breathing toward space and ease may help to shift your mind.

Next time you feel the heat and tightness of anger, try this pattern and see what happens.

Taken from REAL Simple, April 2015

Author: Teresa Nizza

Teresa Nizza is a spiritual director, lay theologian, retreat facilitator, lecturer, volunteer chaplain and co-founder of mainespiritus and Tools for Intentional Living (TILT)©. She is a graduate of the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley, CA and she earned a certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Mercy Center for Hope and Healing in Colorado.

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